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“Symptoms are the body trying to help itself. Homeopathy magnifies this adaptative response to create wellness and a great sense of aliveness!”

Concordia Health was established in 1997 and was situated in Havelock North until 2014. Angela Hair, the owner and principal homeopath, is now located at Homeopathy Hub, 304 Lyndon Rd West, Hastings. She has joined a group of three other homeopaths to offer 6 days a week homeopathy from the Bay Babies health centre where Homeopathy Hub is located. Angela continues to trade as Concordia Health.

We specialise in homeopathy using the Kinesthetic Resonance Method.

Types of Treatments Offered:

  • Homeopathic Medicines using Kinesthetic Resonance Method
  • Flower Essences – Bach Flowers, Matariki, D’Light, Living Tree Orchids, Australia Bush Flower Essences, White Light Essences, Rainbow Essences and Gem Essences
  • Tissues Salts
  • Homeobotanicals
  • Allergy testing

Our Homeopath

Angela Hair has over 15 years experience helping people with emotional and physical unwellness.

Diploma in Homeopathy
Advanced Diploma of Homeopathy
Bachelor of Science (hons) majoring in Psychology
Kinesthetic Resonance Method training
Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) Level 1, 2, Mastery
Registered Member of New Zealand Council of Homeopaths (RCHom)

Environmental Advocacy

Angela is an environmental advocate raising awareness about the need to protect our environment from chemicals, GMOs, electromagnetic pollution and proprietary glyphosate-based herbicides and other sprays.

Hydraulic fracturing (fracking) by oil companies drilling for oil and gas is a potential health risk to our environment, our aquifers and our health. . For an indepth discussion of Fracking please go to this website;

The fluoridation of Hastings water supply exposes people to HydroFluorosilicic Acid, an industrial waste product classified as a poison (S7 Dangerous Poison). Accumulating in the body over a lifetime, fluoride has been found to interfere with many biochemical body processes. White patches on the teeth are the first signs of too much fluoride and is known as ‘Fluorosis’.

A recent survey of 11 Hastings Residents found 10/11 people had fluoride levels higher than the normal serum upper level of 1umol/l. One person had a reading of 5umol/l and found avoiding all sources of fluoride (eg toothpaste, fluoridated water, tea) had significantly improved her thyroid function, arthritis, and insomnia.

Fluoride serum tests can be ordered through your GP or Medlab. Please send Concordia Health a copy of your result so we can continue to monitor fluoride serum levels by collating results.

Angela is an past member of Fluoride Free Hastings

Concordia – where the great glaciers meet

Concordia Health is named after a special place in Pakistan where the great Baltoro glaciers meet in the Karakoram mountains, not far from the world’s second highest mountain, K2. It is an extraordinary place where the granite mountains stretch up into the heavens and people share adventures.

How we respond to life’s challenges is what homeopathy is all about. If we can successfully adapt to the challenges of life, we experience a sense of fulfillment, freedom and love of life. If the situation is overwhelming, our bodies respond with anxiety, stress and physical illness.

We support the work of Greg Mortensen and the Central Asian Institute. Since 1996 Greg and his team have built over 60 schools in Northern Pakistan. This wonderful project particularly supports girls to become educated. For more information about CAI visit;

Angela now identifies herself as a ‘spiritual adventurer’, exploring the many ways that people are discovering their spirituality and using it for peaceful purposes.

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