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Echinostome sm


Echinostome proving 2012
Made from a parasite Echinostome cericariae, rediae and cysts from Lake Wanaka, New Zealand. This parasite lives in fresh water snails (Lymnaeid spp) and aquatic birds such as ducks. It is commonly found around the world and infests humans.

C1 – C2 – prepared by Angela Hair and client with IBS (possibility following parasite exposure) C3-C9 prepared by Angela Hair. Two years later Angela was diagnosed with a pineal brain tumour and enlarged ventricles caused symptoms of hydrocephalus. She continues to do well following brain surgery in January 2014.

This preparation has been given to a number of clients. In particular for clients that are anxious and restless. They report feeling quiet and centred when they take it. It has also been useful for a dog with inflammation of the ear and a calf with ear inflammation. Both animals had a reduction in swelling, pain and discharge from daily doses of the Echinostome remedy.

C3 preparations are available through Simillimum pharmacy, Wellington, New Zealand

C1-9 preparations are available through Concordia Health.


Dozey and sleepy. Calm (C1)
Desire to be quiet, silence is lovely (C2)
Desire to be still – no movement, vacant (C3)
Perfectly still, swirling gently inside then coming to a calm, still place (C4)
So relaxed can hardly do the next stage. I just want to sit (C5)
Now I can’t do anything again – just feel still (C6)
I feel calm and contented. Stillness (C8)
Want to be quiet and still. I have strong aversion to the sound of TV in the other room, it intrudes and permeates the whole house. Can’t escape it (C9)

Powerlessness followed by hopefulness
Powder seems to get stuck then releases again (C2)
Re irritable bowel condition – I am never getting there, keeps coming up against the edge
Not a forever condition – trust I will get on top of it – not having despair
When body is out of control, virtually powerless but never give up hope
Horrid when bowel is out of control, desperate, powerless to get on top of (C2)

This person’s IBS was resolved when high doses of probiotics were administered following homeopathic treatment that addresses past emotional and physical traumas, including parasite infections.

Dream – Woke up thinking about pollution. The baby’s bottle couldn’t be heated in the microwave because of xenoplastics. I was thinking ‘oh who cares – it’s all too hard’. So much pollution (C4)

Saw the Intouchables film last night. Frenchman Phillipe in a wheelchair paralysed from neck down, longing to be free to fly again. He loves height and speed but is powerless and at the mercy of others completely. Driss, his caregiver, is also powerless cause he has no work or money. He signs on to be Phillipe’s nurse and brings fun and spontaneity to relationship. Driss is both violent and sensitive. He threatens to humiliate Phillipe whose vulnerability is very clear but he doesn’t. He brings love and friendship. It’s a symbiotic relationship (C6)

Local pony club has been asked to leave the grounds they have used for many years – anger at selfishness of the new landowner. Powerlessness that is part of just being, swept along by what is and nothing you can do about it. Sadness that all that has been built up will be broken down and rebuilt else where (C6)

Wave of emotion from lower abdomen – grief for ovaries that were removed unnecessarily (C1)

Talked about family suicides and destructiveness of wars, years later realising what destruction occurred. Discussing EMFs and drugs and the destructive role they can play (C2)

Thoughts of post war Europe, broken, crumbling buildings, people trying to scavenge through the debris to find clothes, food, something with which to rebuild their lives.
Could be Fukushima or Christchurch – any place that is devastated (C4)

Huge storm in New York – Super Sandy has left many people vulnerable without power, food, water, fuel. Unable to protect themselves from crisis (C8)

At Waipiro Bay, East Coast, in a big house with soldiers, I was one of them, we were reminiscing. A Maori soldier was telling a story about his uniform but I couldn’t understand it all. There was a military operation going on outside despite blue skies, ocean below and sun shining (C4)

Thinking of soldier dream I had this morning – there was a place that we came from – it was on a hill with a valley between it and the hostel. No aggressive feelings to or from soldiers. We were just doing our job. Cleaning up something (C4)

Infiltration by intruders/ imposters
I thought I saw someone come into the building but no one was there (C2)

I don’t know why I hide in this darkness, nothing can get me here. I have everything I need. Shelter, food, water, softness, warmth but I am an imposter. Not meant to be here (C3)

Sharing/ competing for sex, food, possessions
A friend’s father is dying and already the relatives have come in to scavenge all the historical treasures before he has even died. My friend is upset by his bossy female cousins. (C5)

Woke at 5am with desire to do C7. Following along behind others going where they go, can’t step out of line, like the ducks always moving as a threesome. Vying for the lead – two males and a female. (The males ducks have been fighting all week – attacking each other and mating with the female who building a nest and laying eggs.) Jumped on by the males – possessive fighting males, sprung from behind. Following along, dare not get out of line (C7)

Thinking about traveling and what an advantage to have a skill you can quickly make money from. Then you have cash to buy your next dinner. When you are dependent on low wages it is impossible to get ahead, to survive easily. So many people on earth now – feels crowded on this planet. So much waste, so much groveling greed (C6)

Thinking about resilient communities – interlocking, interdependent, sharing common good. Taking enough for self but ensuring all survive. Cancer patient talking to his cells – ‘it I die you die’. Common good needs all to survive. When suppress one species then a super-species forms. I thought I understood but now I feel I am just at the beginning of conceptualising what it is to share on a global plane. Loaves and fishes – there is enough for all. Suppression of women denies 50% the choice in how they create their lives (C8)

Dependence on breadwinner
Thinking of my husband looking so old from his work. It’s daunting, demanding and he feels he has to buckle down for 5 years at least before retiring. Yet his interest in others is less, he withdrawals and works. The whole family is dependent on him. I worry about the children never being able to fend for themselves, always wanting more money and more support (C6)

Same issues in Europe where richer countries are supporting the poorer ones, who struggle to spend less. Austerity. Having to share to survive, to cooperate, work together, collective projects for common good but if its too much, it’ll bankrupt us all. Stand together, fall together. The stronger ones overwhelm the weaker or choose to lookout for the weaker. Understanding we all have to survive (C6)

Dream – Woke up feeling I was in mountains at a hut. There were a group of people sharing food and equipment. One group was on the other side of a stream. Suddenly one group up and leaves with everything and I am shocked by this action but can do nothing to prevent it. (C5)

Underwater / Water
Dizzy feeling. Floating feeling. Heaviness in head. Feeling as if looking through water and floating in water, slow, vibrating sensation (C1)

Feeling as if underwater – floating, vision slightly fuzzy (C1)

Fear – hiding in cave, deep in bowels of the earth. There seems to be water everywhere. It swashes past, it floods then is gone. Bubbling, discoloured flood water. Breaking down somehow. Everything is swirling around me, lost in a smog. Free-falling through murky waters, tumbling, hitting myself, bruising, griping in the gut on left side. Catapaulting through a 1000 tubes, pressured by soft walls, moving constantly, unsettled, can’t find a place to stay still (C4)

Dream – Swimming naked at night around a rocky coast with a lot of other people who had swimming togs. I was aware of needing to stay submerged for the men were looking at me. I climbed over rocks and was looking at a map to see where the reefs were (C5)

Dream – Vast area of water flooding water and buildings. I was looking for a way to drain safely. I found a hose and was going to do that when woken up (C8)

Dream – I am in the land cruiser by a beach, driving over large boulders. Maybe a young girl is driving. There is a huge concrete dam of water. The two young girls want me to massage them and one of them I rub with rose oil (C8)

Sudden dead ends
Dream – I brought home a baby (my youngest daughter) from some kind of birthing place. I had to wait in line with other mothers while the family car arrived to pick us up. My husband came to the wrong place so I was waiting somewhere else then my adult daughter picked us up and drove around the hills and came to a dead end even though I was telling her which way to go. My husband was angry. The baby was hanging from her car seat and chocking until I rescued her (C4)

Dream – High on a hill in a mountain hut. I have forgotten my sleeping bag and an old mountaineering friend has too. There are cell phone towers and wide open landscapes. To get to the hut we had to drive to a dead end road which finished abruptly at a fence. Then we walked through a tunnel to the sleeping place. If you kept going you came out on the road again which dropped off steeply downhill. There were young children in the hut, one vomited and I was wondering who would clean it up. I competed with a whole lot of people for a space on a squab and found a sheepskin to sleep on (C7)

Narrow places/ High places
Dream – I am mountaineering through a small couloir of snow. It is narrow and steep. I want to know why I am climbing. What do I like about it? I wake in a hot flush sweaty on my trunk, dry on legs. I am not in New Zealand – somewhere in the mountains of the Himalayans (C7)

Free-falling through murky waters, tumbling, hitting myself, bruising, griping in the gut on left side. Catapaulting through a 1000 tubes, pressured by soft walls, moving constantly, unsettled, can’t find a place to stay still (C4)

Dream – On edge of a 9000ft rock looking down, then inching away to safety, discussing the drop with three men who are sitting very relaxed (C7)

Dream – Being in a car driving up a hill, barely able to get to the top because the road was so slippery with snow and ice (C7)

Sensitive to nature
There is a thrush outside thrashing a snail on the stones outside (C4)

Feeling as if I am up high and flying – looking down on me doing this work. Alone. At home, separated from other humans but surrounded by birds, insects, other animals, plants – all communicating with each other, all connected but I don’t have eyes to see it or skin to feel it – only the ‘sensitives’ can do this (C5)

Grinding is so calming in this phase – immediately breath out, relax, settle back, chill out. Slow down so can circle around, spinning slowly, moving slowly, quietly finding next phase. No hurry, it will come.

The words arise from within to guide me with each turn. Go this way, then that way, move here, then there, do this, do that. I am directing from within now, no need to be in unison with others, just moving through this liquid plasma in own space and time (C7)

Dream – I was hunting poachers of black Bears, the mother and babies were especially targeted so I was protecting them. There were mountains and lakes and forests (C5)

Sensitive to Energy
It feels as if I am on another planet. Moved to a different time zone where the world is completely aware of energetic plasma. We talk to our families through ‘thoughts’; we send medicines by intention; we create energy through imagination; we heal by breathing into our unwellness. Nothing is by accident, everything is by intention, everything is created.
There are no ‘illnesses’, just opportunities to heal. Our chronic conditions continue until we work through our deepest fears from multiple lifetimes. Memories that were recorded in our cellular memory – an energetic library of all that has gone before in our physical, mental and soul self. Simultaneous lives in earth, air and water (C9)

Separateness through virtual world
All day on computer yesterday and was too much. Needed to work on earth again and disconnect from virtual world. Realised my anxiety and frustration lifted when I stepped outside with nature all around me. Realised I could survive OK with nature and it was all the human expectations that created the pressure.

I guess the computer reflects the rhythms of the human race but when everyone’s rhythms are different it causes a feeling of chaos (different time zones). Waiting for people on the other side of the world to wake up, start their day just as we are shutting down, going to sleep. Very competitive feeling, jostling with everyone else in the world for space. Trying to get a good deal, hesitating and losing opportunities. Everyone wanting flights at the same time. Completing the journey (C7)

Wanting to go the whole 9 yards – where does that phrase come from? (Internet says it is the most commonly researched phrase – meaning the full measure – a phrase coined in 1960s). Realising you can find everything on the internet except the feeling of walking in rhythm with the earth – the kinesthetic connection to air, water, skin, plant, fur, feather, sun, snow. Can’t find that! (C7)

Partying/ Not wanting to Party
Social occasion tomorrow night – who will I talk too? No one I really know there. Nothing in common. Decide to cancel (C3)

A patient commented I have been partying a lot. 60th birthday at La Canard (The Duck) restaurant. Celebrating birthdays, traveling, flying, headache from two beers. Preparing house for party, working hard to get it all done. Worrying about food (C4)

Meticulous Cleaning
Want to clip and trim my chipped and lined fingernails (C1)
Very slow, quiet, peaceful work – close my eyes to enjoy the world slowed down. Quiet meticulous cleaning. Every little bit. I feel like an artist or archeologist meticulously scraping and cleaning, trying to expose what is underneath. The pattern cleaned up. The upper layers of grime and dirt carefully scraped away to reveal the beauty underneath.
So relaxed can hardly do the next stage. I just want to sit (C5)

Sharing Resource
Relationship with communities – to share resource or everyone tried to take what they can -then collapse occurs. It’s tragedy of the commons. Initially there is enough resource for everyone, a bonaza occurs, other services come into support the initial prospectors. The infrastructure starts to build and the industry starts to change the face of the landscape. The numbers keep building until finally there is huge environmental damage – people getting sick, the rivers polluted, everything becomes old and broken, finally collapse occurs. The prospectors have bled the resource dry. There’s panic, fear and scarcity (C6)

Peace comes from feeling we are able to flex in face of crisis, connected, multi-species, strong base, rooted, protected from infiltration (C8)

Number Nine
Dream – On edge of a 9000ft rock looking down, then itching away to safety, discussing the drop with three men who are sitting very relaxed (C7)
Wanting to go the whole 9 yards – where does that phrase come from? (Internet says it is the most commonly researched phrase – meaning the full measure – a phrase coined in 1960s) (C7)
Didn’t finish the trituration until I have completed C9.

Physical Symptoms

Slight headache – right side – sudden sharp pain
Pain through right side of head extending to temple, then pain through left side of head extending to temple (C1)

Sensation under skin on left side of face near mouth- an irritation as if something touching face – like a feather tickling. Tickling on right outer side of eye. Light gentle touch, brushing skin, face, neck (C3)
Sudden stab in my right cheek as if someone touched it with a needle (C6)
Needle like pain on right side of face by lips (C8)

Itching inner angle of left eye (C1)
Dark under eyes (C2)
Tickling on right outer side of eye (C2)

Irritation in nostrils – itching, burning in left nostril on waking, coryza burning. Have woken with these symptoms in past couple of weeks. Feels like glass in my throat and then in my nose. I hold my nose to stop the blades of glass from cutting me and get out of bed before resettling on the sofa for the rest of the night (C3)

Crawling left ear as if an insect inside(C3)
Mild pain in left ear, pulsating
Feeling as if in a cave, a drumming in the spiral of the ear, coming and going
Bursting – too large, intense pressure. Pushing through something, balloon like.
Want to sit with finger in ear. Comforting.
Curious about the ear pain – ‘humming’ like tinnitus (C4)
Tinnitus felt in ears – ringing/chirping sound. Sticking pain through left ear (C9)

Swelling lower thyroid – spongy (C1)
Throat – sudden caught at throat pit – had to cough to relieve it. Couldn’t talk (C2)
Slight constriction in throat (C2)
Aching in throat, worse right –
Feels like glass in my throat (C3)
Neck feels entrapped like in brittle plastic, > by stretching gently (C9)

Not quite nausea but wouldn’t want to stand up. Burpy feeling in lower abdomen.
Sharp pain through umbilicus. Intestines feel as if moving, changing shape. Welling up feeling as if could be sick (C1)
Slight flash of pain through umbilicus. Nausea, burping (C2)
Bursting – too large, intense pressure. Pushing through something, balloon like (C4)
Sensation of wind in abdomen, farted to release (C4)
Desires hot drinks. Desires fish (C4)

Crawling sensation in anus (C3)
Spasm through anus like a sudden lightning (C4)
Bowel has been constipated – blood on the paper when not moving well. Haemorrhoid (C4)
Internal aching left colon area (C4)

Left ankle aching (C1)
Nerve pain on outer edge of ankle bone (C3)
Pain on bottom of left big toe, nervy (C4)
Deep pain through left ankle – can feel swollen tendon (C5)
This pain in my right toe permeates my whole foot.
Aching in the large joint of my left thumb. Aching outer side of right hand (C9)

Powder has splattered on bowl and looks like splatter of round raised eruptions – like indurated acne, warts. Eruptions like white spots on red mushrooms (C3)
The powder has plastered itself on wall again, like a bubbling warty eruption – perfectly round vesicles, in clusters, like on red mushrooms (Agaricus). They remind me of tiny seed mushrooms starting to grow (C4)
Itching sensation on hand (right)
Itching burning on first finger, left hand (C1)
Itching on hand (C2)

I am drawn to colours white and very pale blue.
Longing for light this morning (C4)
Decided to see if I could see the light of the substance. In the darkness couldn’t see light but thought came to me that it was lemon yellow (C4)
White pages being torn from a book, one after another(C4)