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How do I take homeopathic medicines?

Generally a homeopathic medicine is taken in a pillule or tablet or as drops. These need to be held in the mouth for a short time to allow absorption. For babies the pillule can be crushed between two teaspoons and the powder given. Pillules can be handled by the person taking them but not by other people. The general dose for liquids is 2 drops. Shake well before taking liquid medicines.

How robust are homeopathic medicines?

Some people are concerned that coffee or peppermint may antidote their remedies. I have not found this to be case for most people but there are always those sensitive people who should avoid coffee and strong tasting or smelling substances, e.g. Vicks vapour rub.

How do I store homeopathic medicines?

Store homeopathic medicines out of the sun, heat and away from strong smells or electrical fields e.g. microwaves and mobile phones.

What are homeopathic medicines made from?

Homeopathic medicines are made from plants, minerals, animal substances including human substances, disease products and from many other sources. They are made by homeopaths and homeopathic pharmacies following a system of serial dilution to ensure they are safe for ingestion even by babies and during pregnancy. Even though they are made from different substances, when given as a homeopathic medicine they all look the same as the diluted medications are dripped onto lactose pillules or dispensed in liquid.

Are homeopathic medicines safe to take with conventional drugs?

Yes they are safe because they are energetic substances not chemicals. They are working to bring balance into the energetic field of the body. Some people have found that they need less of their conventional medicines when taking homeopathic medicines as the body becomes healthier. Regular monitoring by your homeopath and your doctor is recommended when you are taking both homeopathic and conventional medicines.

Are homeopathic medicines safe for everyone?

Yes homeopathic medicines can be safely taken by children, infants, pregnant mothers and animals. Children love to play with home remedy kits so it is a good idea to keep them out of reach of children.

Can vaccination damage be resolved with homeopathic medicines?

The use of homeopathic medicines made from vaccines is a form of isopathy and has been extensively used in the treatment of autism. However it can also be useful for children suffering from general unwellness since vaccinations. Angela uses the kinesthetic resonance method and the CEASE protocols ( to support children return to excellent health after vaccinations.

Is there a safe alternative to vaccinations?

Dr Isaac Golden, a homeopath from Brisbane, has completed a phD on the efficacy and safety of using homeopathic medicines made from disease products as a method of epidemic disease prevention. This method called ‘homeoprophylaxis’ was developed by homeopathic doctors in the 1800-1900s. Dr Hahnemann, for instance, successfully gave Belladonna 30C to children during a scarlet fever epidemic in 1850s. More recently public health doctors in Brazil, gave Meningococcal 30C to over 60,000 children, successfully preventing an epidemic of meningitis in two large towns. While Leptospirosis 30C was given to over 2 million people in the Cuba study which effectively stopped a Leptospirosis epidemic within 2 weeks.

“I came to Angela very reluctant to try homeopathy, because I did not understand how it could possibly work. To my surprise Angela was able to bring relief to my children where mainstream medicine has been unable to help. My daughter who had suffered ear infections from a baby, that required numerous antibiotics every winter and was recommended grommets, has had only one lot of antibiotics over the past three years and never needed an operation. I too decided to try Angela after so much success with my children. I have suffered hayfever every summer for years and felt sick from taking hay fever medicines- to my surprise and gratefulness, Angela has successfully steered me through 3 drug free summers supported by homeopathy. I am a converted believer in homeopathy and Angela’s empathy, understanding, knowledge and intuition. I recommend everyone should treat themselves too.” (Fiona)

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