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Why Homeopathy?

Homeopathy …

  • is an effective way to heal yourself
  • is a scientific system of medicine
  • assists the natural healing tendency of your body
  • sees you as an individual
  • understands disease as a unique physical, emotional and cognitive pattern
  • is cost-effective
  • is good for the planet

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Homeopathic Consultation

Homeopathy is a wonderfully surprising journey through the inner world of the mind, body and soul. We come with a thought that we will get our cough fixed or need more energy, and find, through the searching questions and space for reflection, that there is the potential to heal ourselves at the deepest level if we choose.

When we are born into this amazing world, we are already carrying the energy pattern of our family. Our early history may help us understand where potential trauma may have occurred. To heal our current chronic patterns we often need to understand what has created these patterns. Homeopaths like to know about the medical histories of the family members as well as information about the person’s birth, early childhood, vaccination history, significant illnesses and traumas, drug and smoking history including medical drugs, and the emotional stresses that have impacted on a person’s life.

Little by little using our inner knowing to guide the process, we clear the emotional and physical traumas of the past and the intricacies of the inner world become known to us.

“As you can tell I am feeling better than ever these days – I haven ‘t been this happy in life before. So thank you again for all that you have helped me with!!” (Lucy)

Obstacles to Cure

The founder of homeopathy Dr Hahnemann (d.1755), was a keen observer of his patients, and found that sometimes a well selected medicine would not work fully until an ‘obstacle’ had been removed.

Poor diet, exposure to electro-magnetic fields, vaccinations, environmental toxins like fluoride and aspartame, may all contribute to unwellness. Given the almost impossible task of avoiding everything that may be detrimental to our health, I help patients to identify those things that are particularly a problem using Kinesthetic Resonance Method or the O-Ring Toxicity test. Homeopathic medicines made from specific electro-magnetic fields such as from Ultrasounds or Xrays, may be given to ‘antidote’ the effects of these fields.

Having a diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables, meat or seafood, dairy and natural fats is important for good health. Source your food from growers you can trust not to use toxic sprays and avoid genetically modified food as much as possible. Important websites for nutritional advice:

Be Pure
Weston A Price

Using many resources

Strengthening your body with flower essences, tissue salts, supplements and rest may be also required to bring the energy centres of the body (chakras) into alignment so you are living fully in your body. By testing possible treatments in your field, through Kinesthetic Resonance Method, we are able to find specific solutions for your health. Concordia Health has a huge range of the Living Tree Orchid and other plant and gem essences which regularly ‘test in’ and beautifully support people through the challenges we currently face. I value the many wonderful osteopaths, chiropractors, naturopaths, doctors, dentists, reflexologists, massage therapists, reiki and other complementary health practitioners that we are privileged to have in Hawke’s Bay and will refer people to other therapists when needed.


Dreams are particularly important part of this journey and I encourage people to keep a journal of their dreams especially over the days they are taking a homeopathic medicine and for the week before the next consultation. Many a person has had an insightful dream the night before visiting their homeopath, confirming the next remedy that may be needed.


There is now an extensive list of randomised research trials supporting the efficacy of homeopathy.

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  • For research about women’s health click here
  • For research about childhood illnesses click here
  • For research about musclo-skeletal conditions click here
  • For research about hayfever, asthma and perennial rhinitis click here

“Angela has a professional but caring approach, installing confidence about positive and realistic outcomes. She is gifted in understanding her patients and takes a wholistic approach to their healing. She imparts gems of knowledge which assist her patients to greater understanding of their problems and informs them of other influences that may assist or impede healing.” (Rachel)

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