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Life is an extraordinary journey toward greater awareness, understanding and experience. As living beings, infused with biophotons of light, we consciously and unconsciously interact with our environment. The possibilities of our responses are infinite. Choosing the optimum response is hugely beneficial.

Over the past four years I have integrated into my homeopathic practice a system of kinesiology called Kinesthetic Resonance Method (KRM). Therese Boyle RCHom has adapted this very fine form of muscle testing into a system that allows us to make a quantum connection with our clients and energetically check their resonance with over 3000 potential remedies. This initial testing only takes 5-10 minutes at the end of the consultation. Through this process with our clients we are able to identify the remedies and potencies that are needed to facilitate their healing journey. For me, this has been a major step forward in how I practice homeopathy. By accessing the client’s innate knowledge of their internal resources they move forward with mind, body and spirit, in unison.

As a homeopath working in this way it is a release from the overly analytical approach of choosing remedies for clients, agonising over these choices and often wondering if I had missed the indicated remedy.

Having already had 10 years working as a classical homeopath before using Kinesthetic Resonance, I knew there were multiple ways to support our clients to health. In hindsight however, I didn’t really understand the process of healing then as intimately as I do now.

I am now much more accepting of the route each individual takes to be healthy. It may be one remedy or many that are required. It is a beautiful dance through an extraordinary field of light energy.

KRM in conjunction with homeopathy truly provides a quantum approach to healing.

Developing C4 Remedies and Beyond
The development of C4 homeopathic by Alize Timmerman and others, has opened the way for homeopathic medicines to work beyond the individual, rippling through the field of our family, community and beyond.

Each level of the triturating process to create C4 remedies, works at a different level in the field. The C1 level manifests symptoms primarily from the physical realm; C2 from the emotional realm; C3 from the cognitive and mental realm and C4 from the level of the soul. As we go beyond C4 we move into the greater field of community. Which is why it is not unusual to hear a person say after a C5 or C6 remedy that the family member disconnected from them for years suddenly writes or calls. Such is the pulse through the vibrational field when we choose to work beyond ourselves.

Our work as homeopaths is to walk beside our client, in their own time, providing the support that is needed. We bring our acquired and innate skills to the journey and where necessary, call on the skills sets of other therapies when that is required.Lucy*’s story is a lovely example of self-directed healing toward greater happiness, understanding and wellness.

Lucy’s Story
Lucy (not her real name) has consulted with me for the past two years and together we have selected remedies using the Kinesthetic Resonance Method. I have noted use of this system by the initials ‘KRM’. ‘RX’ indicates the client has tested in needing the previous remedy.

Lucy arrives at my clinic with long blond hair that tends to cover her face. Her chin has signs of acne. She is softly spoken and gently laughs to herself as she tells her story. She is married with two children, the youngest still breast fed. For the sake of brevity I have selected just her main presenting symptoms.

First Consultation 22/3/10
Excessive body hair growth especially bikini area and lower abdomen. Previous medical tests have shown DHEA levels are high. Painful indurated facial acne, low energy, aches and pain. Lower back pain. Burning in one foot with hot head. Lucy has gained weight since she was pregnant with her second child. Hypersensitive emotionally. History of depression, sexual abuse, and some post natal depression.
KRM Oleum jecoris 20x 3 drops daily

Comment: Dr J Clarke (Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica) says Oleum jecoris (cod liver oil) is used for topical treatment of ringworm in a tubercular patient. Faulty nutrition in children. Always taking colds. Abnormal hair growth or alopecia. Emaciation and weight gain.

The decimal potency selection and small totality of this remedy indicates Lucy’s system has chosen to work at a physical (C1) level.

Follow up (FU) 20/4/10
Lower back pain less but came back last week. Better immune response. No longer burning foot and only occasional hot pains to head. Few acne outbreaks. ++ sweets. Feeling sad and down. Hair growth same. Old symptom of psoriasis returned for a few days. Energy better. Less feeling of being ‘on edge’. Breast engorgement went a couple of days later (she is currently breastfeeding). Feeling happier.
KRM/ Oleum jecoris 20x 3 times a day and less on good days.

Comment: The physical symptoms are improving and immune response is better. Her emotional state is more clearly seen and old symptoms have returned and resolved again.

FU May 2010
Whole lot better. Tummy bug last week but didn’t wipe me out as previous one had when baby was 5 months. Back ache improved but sore at present. Hair growth a little worse. Lots of acne. Recurrent dream of her cat who is lost, is she searching for him and finds him. Had this dream for many years and can always find him.
KRM Oleum jecoris Q11 5 drops daily for 2 months

Comment: Still good improvement on the remedy and her system is still selecting the remedy albeit it at a different slightly higher potency of the C3 level. At the subconscious level, I interpret the dream as a positive prognosis is seen as the cat, perhaps representing a part of herself, is always found.

FU July 2010
Sniffly nose but didn’t get tummy bug that family got. Bout of mastitis (fever, aching, red stripes radiating from breast) when sleep deprived with everyone sick. Back ache returned. Acne is coming to a head but one on chin that is not coming out. ++ sugar. Drinking lots of raw milk now.

KRM Oleum animalis. This animal oil is indicated for affections of loss of animal fluids, especially nursing women. The remedy is not available for this acute breast infection so I selected a different remedy.
RX Phytolacca 200C, t.d.i for two days.
KRM Thyroid protocol (T3 6c, Zincum met 12c, Selenium 200c) / twice daily for two weeks after Phytolacca.
KRM Oleum jecoris Q15 one drop daily once the Thyroid protocol has been completed.

Comment: Breast tissue has the second largest store of iodine in the body after the thyroid. During breast feeding there is a much higher need for iodine for the health of baby and mother so thyroid support is given to support this process. Advised her to increase her dietary sources of iodine (seafood, sea vegetables).

FU September 2010
Mastitis responded well to Phytolacca. Energy is good. Improved bowel function at end of the Thyroid protocol. Feeling hot.

Not taken Oleum jecoris drops for 2-3 weeks. Lower back achey before period since teens, much better on drops. Bloating and tenderness with period has returned which had been better on drops. Acne is coming and going, worse before periods. Feels like something is brewing.

Lucy comments “Acne almost feels like it is not part of my body – a foreign big thing stuck on my face, it is a separate being. Don’t want any one to see me when face is like this. I am being punished for something. Associated with anger and rage, things wanting to come out, to get rid of things. I have fairly quick temper, I can feel all this rage and I leave the house, go out and get in the car and I really vocally yell it all out, then I come home and feel relaxed and peaceful – when younger I would go out and ride my horses – came with miserable depressed feeling. When on the horse I feel quite comfortable, in the right place, the sense of freedom, in the fresh air, the movement, speed, connection with horse. I loved being around them or on them. From 4 years old I hopped on and this felt right. I got such a big sense of relief from going out riding. When younger I felt the world was ending – no hope, no way out, stuck in a rut or a pit, now I know I feel like that but its not true.”

KRM/ Lac equinum 1M one dose every 6 days.
Comment: Now the patient has the strength to face the emotional issues related to frustration with her ‘herd’. She tells us where to find her next remedy in the solace of her relationship with a horse. This is an adaptive strategy that allows her freedom from these stressful relationships and may have been a pattern from very early in her life. The remedy is needed repeatedly as her family situation is currently difficult.

FU September 2010 4 days later – telephone
Breast infection returned but resolved with continuing feeding and compresses. Phytolacca given, to be taken if needed.

FU October 2010
From the last appointment until Saturday no skin eruptions on chin or forehead. 5 weeks of feeling good and not having to hide behind my hair.
Saturday had assessment with ACC re sexual abuse. She felt flushed and anxious that night and said;

She says “I saw them (acne) coming back – it felt foreign as if it shouldn’t be there. I definitely didn’t want it to be there – felt dirty, ashamed, yuk, I hated myself. (She cries). I look in the mirror I just hate you! With my weight and my skin, I look in the mirror and it is so justified – it is disgusting. I have seen how clearly my emotions tie in with my body stuff.

Lately I have been on the spiritual plane, astral traveling. I was asking for help from angels and guides. I felt someone in the house. I really have to wake myself up and get up. Then I was awake and I went out through the lounge window into space. It was a series of visions, of stars, very dark blue, I am out there and I haven’t asked for any protection. What if I can’t get back to my body – I need to be there for my son.
I had trouble breathing, then a voice said ‘you are not underwater, you can breathe.’ At the very end when I thought about getting back to my body, I did feel I was under water, exactly feeling of diving underwater and knowing you have to up for the next breathe. I could feel myself gasping for breathe.
The noise of leaving my body was deafening. It is like being on tarmac and hearing 20 jet engines going through my head and angels wings beating as well. After that experience I was able to say a lot of things going wrong with me are self-punishment. I realised I was carrying deep shame and I am punishing myself for it. A voice said it is not Lucy’s pain – but I am carrying it. I started to feel some forgiveness of him (the man who abused me) which I have never been able to do before. I did have a dream about looking at property with all this land belonging to a friend. My husband wanted to buy it and I felt ready to move on to this land with the horses. This stuck with me.”
I encouraged Lucy to hand those feelings of shame back to the perpetrator. They are his feelings. Fifteen months later Lucy writes “this is the most important tool anyone has ever given me. I imagined hundreds of pack horses carrying his shame and guilt back to him. I have never experienced the horrible, disgusting feeling (relating to the abuse) that I could not even put into words, again. I feel almost totally recovered from the effects of the sexual abuse – amazing to reach this place, I didn’t ever think I would.”
RX Lac equinum 1M one dose in clinic.
KRM Living Tree Orchid Essence – Unveiling Affection – opens the heart to love yourself.

Comment: There seems to be a remedy coming up from the human remedies, indicated by language such as ‘astral traveling’, ‘angels and guides’, ‘very dark blue space’, ‘being underwater’. At the moment she is doing tremendous emotional work processing the abuse situation so I will wait until testing indicates she is ready to go there.

FU November 2010
Felt younger and lighter after the last visit. Last week husband went on a ‘bender’ of drug-taking, drinking and gambling. Lucy was able to contain her anger so husband could talk about it and apologise. Her sense of self-worth was not so affected by the incident. She was able to express how it hurt her. Her back was a bit sore.
Skin had a lot more clear patches. Had a big cyst but it didn’t feel foreign. Periods have been better. Not astral travelled again.
After this she had a dream “I got married, and on the wedding day my husband-to-be unexpectedly gave me all this jewellery, I felt really special and treasured.”
Wore a bikini! Doing the community weight loss program based on low GI and avoiding sweets.
RX Lac equinum 1M one a day for three days
RX Unveiling Affection as needed.

FU December 2010
Had a cold, sinusy, lots of mucus, feel as if in a bubble. Anger coming up last week related to husband’s family staying.
We discussed how horses tell other horses in the herd when they have crossed the boundary and got into their space.
RX Lac equinum 1M (6 spare doses to repeat as needed for anger).

Comment: In my experience when patients say ‘last week such and such’ there is something important happening and I have learnt to really listen to this.

FU January 2011
Lots of positives. Skin really good most of the time, just a little premenstrual outbreak. Taken extra doses of Lac equinum when been angry usually before periods.
Most of the time I feel happy like I have never felt before. Doing lots of work on the inside but smoking again- once a day as a reward when everyone is in bed. I have put myself in a bubble where my husband (and his family) can’t hurt me now. In the past smoking would help me to take away the hurt. In a meditation I was in my childhood home where I was molested and then in my dream I went to the same home and there was lots of blue light – it was really beautiful.
KRM Skookum chuck 6x / twice daily for 6 weeks
KRM Birth Control Pill/ Diane/ not available
RX Syphillinum 200C one dose given.

Comment – Skookum chuck is a homeopathic mineral salt that aids detoxification. Affinity with skin and catarrhal states. Her language still suggests a human remedy. I suspect at some point she will test in needing a human remedy at a C4 level because this seems to be coming from a soul place. However, in spite of this, her system is testing to be cleared of a drug or vaccine. We identified all the chemicals, drugs and vaccines she has had and listed them. Through the testing her system identified the birth control pill as a problem. As this wasn’t readily available I tested to see if Syphilinum 200c would serve a similar purpose to antidote this and other drugs.

FU May 2011
Lucy stopped smoking 7 weeks ago. Feeling really good. Skin lovely. Broke out Tuesday before period when also very angry. Crying. Falling apart. After the remedy had a boil along the bikini line – a deep abscess with pus coming out. Through the 6 weeks taking the Skookum had boils coming and going. Putting in boundaries for her husband who has been smoking dope, gambling, drinking again.
KRM Nicolum Fluoratum 200C three times a day for three days
RX Skookum chuck 6x daily
RX Lac equinum 1M as needed for anger before periods

Comment: Natrum fluoratum is about being stuck in a situation where one is trying to control a ‘fluoric’ situation – feeling sadness and anger about her husband opting out through drugs and gambling. Syphilitic miasm.

FU November 2011
Issues with skin, hormones and weight have returned. Glands are coming up. History of glandular fever as a teenager. Nausea with last period similar to morning sickness.
She says “My body feels very self-conscious, mainly around the middle I don’t like. There is almost some comfort there cause it reminds me of pregnancy. I went to that stage where I started to love myself. I had all these lovely clothes, smooth belly, part of me wants to be pregnant. My tailbone has started to come forward. It stuck out badly after childbirth. During pregnancy I had lovely clear skin and afterwards all the scarring had come.
When I lose even a couple of kilos I feel really good especially from around the middle. There is a comfort around my posture when I don’t have all this weight around my tummy. I walk taller, I can move freely. Distressed to wake and feel this weight around my belly – self disgust comes in. Self conscious and feel a bit unworthy. I feel every alone with weight problems, I feel like someone with lesser value.
PMT is getting better, less anger, had more of the wiped out feeling, fragile for a day or two and can cry easier, but that’s a good release. Every 25 days now.
On right hand side I get a few sharp pains before the period – under my appendix scar and that was where I had all the pain and contraction in the birthing – on the right side.”
Craving sweet, grapefruit and cucumbers. Raw milk and cream.
KRM Placenta C220/5 one dose in clinic.
KRM Tuberculinum 10M one dose 6 days after Placenta remedy then monthly.
Comment: At last Placenta from the human group of remedies has tested. Interestingly she has tested for a C5 level which indicates an opportunity to facilitate healing at the soul level and in her wider family. When people are clearing though the many layers of toxicity with organ and drainage remedies, they come to a place where they suddenly see a way to navigate a way out of their stuckness. It’s like seeing through clean windows.

February 2012 email
“Long time, no see! Skin was quite good after Tuberculinum, long periods of no breakouts, acne more superficial, none of the deep painful ones. Just having a bout of the painful ‘glandular’ type break outs now – on face and inner thigh area, and I wondered if I could have another dose of it please?
Also, just to mention the placenta remedy was lovely – it was only a day or two and felt different. I would recommend it to anyone that has that empty, unloved feeling – where they can be around people and still feel really alone. It’s been a while since I took the remedy – but I have not had that empty feeling again. PS Husband and I separated early January, it is sad that it came to that – but a positive move.”
RX Tuberculinum 10M monthly with a follow up scheduled for next month.

Comment: When I first started working with Lucy I did not have access to Placenta C220/5 although I did have C3 potencies. Leaving her husband is a C5 response to a situation, which was ultimately destructive.

According to Alize Timmerman Placenta has the following themes:
Separation and connection.
Internal nourishment.
Dreams of being excluded, not needed, fenced off, hard to reach one’s goal
Tiredness, heavy feeling as if dragging limbs up a hill
Feeling spaced out, drifting in thoughts, disconnected
Intolerant, indifferent, isolated, being in a bubble.
Feeling unloved before mense
Violent and cross in the family, unfinished business,
Loss of self,
Need for space, wanting to watch and listen,
Hiding – wanting to be home, self-reproach,
Dreams of being pregnant, fat, under water, babies and birth
Wants to build bridges, build on the circle of love.
Craving for sweets is a big symptom and has gone with this remedy.

Placenta themes resonate throughout this story but Lucy had to find her own timing, when exactly the right remedy was available to bring her out of the Placenta state. While it is early days in her long term healing, I see how her system was choosing remedies to nourish herself (Oleum jecoris, Thyroid protocol) and cleanse/ detoxify (Skookum chook, Syphilinum). She was able to release self-punishment through the support of Lac equinum and her deep connection with animals. A mineral element came through Niccolum fluoratum when she was trying to manage her husband’s destructive behaviour. Each remedy enabled her to come to the place were she could make that deep shift with Placenta.

Following on closely with Placenta, she was ready to work with the underlying Tubercular element which finally surfaced to continue the good work that Oleum jecoris had started. Her system needed Tuberculinum monthly to augment Placenta. Perhaps the tubercular element gave her the substance to follow what Placenta remedy had shown her.

I have come to realise when homeopathy is practiced without in some way connecting to the quantum field of the patient, we miss out valuable information and as a consequence many people may not get the results they want. We live in a complex and toxic environment where it is increasing difficult to nourish ourselves. Often our foods are sprayed, irradiated and lifeless, further stressing our detoxification channels. By using the organ support remedies in low potencies while also working with remedies that stimulate healing at the physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual levels we are able to walk beside our clients on their journey of wellness. When our clients are ready, our C4 -C7 remedies take us much deeper into the collective unconscious enabling healing of ourselves, our families our communities and our relationship with nature.

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