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New Remedies

Angela Hair has worked with Alize Timmerman, Gwyneth Evans, Leila Joffe and other homeopaths around the world who are making new homeopathic medicines that resonate with the challenges we all face living in this complex inter-connected world. Most of these homeopathic medicines have been made through triturating the original substance for up to 9 hours in milk sugar. During this time the thoughts and physical experiences of the people making the homeopathic medicines are recorded and a ‘materia medica’ is built for that substance. Clinical experience helps to verify the ‘proving’ systems. In quantum language, the provers enter the ‘field’ of the substance and experiences the mental and physical symptoms for a short time in their bodies. These ‘pictures’ of the energetic substance become the blue print for selecting a homeopathic medicine for a person suffering from similar symptoms. Information about these new remedies is still being developed and will be added to as symptoms are verified through clinical experience. If you would like to take part in a homeopathic trituration please email Angela.

“The New Biology understands that no being is separate and distinct from the rest of life; that beyond interdependency, all share an “inter-beingness” that admits to no discrete, self-contained unit of life. Cells are alive, organs are alive, organisms are alive, soil is alive, ecosystems are alive, the planet is alive. . . maybe even the cosmos is alive, and each not only depends but also exists only in relation to the others. ” Charles Einstein ‘Ascent of Humanity’

Placenta Nexus

A very new homeopathic medicine that is made from the placenta of a mother and child where the central issue was extreme clinginess of the child to the mother.

Placenta Hip

A new homeopathic medicine that is made from the placenta of a mother and child with congential hip dysplasia.


A common parasite found in freshwater in many countries, this parasite utilises the snail, duck and various mammals to complete it’s life cycle.

Diet Coke

The proving of this substance was completed by the Wellington College of Homeopathy in 1997 and after a long hiatus, the proving books have been collated. Here are the initial themes as expressed

New Zealand Wool

The wool for this substance was taken from a wool scouring factory in Whakatu, Hastings. A group of neighbours living close to the plant made the remedy.


This is a homeopathic trituration of a cigarette completed by Angela Hair.

Bone Marrow

Taken from the bone marrow of a shin bone from an organic heifer, this homeopathic medicine may be used for bone support and growth. Homeopathic medicine is available from SImillimum Pharmacy

Folliculinum LTNY

Made from naturally fermented wild yam, the estrogen picture of this substance was very strongly brought out in the trituration by 16 people.

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