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New Zealand Wool

The homeopathic medicine includes the lanolin and the chemicals that were used to remove the wool from the hide.

Head feels hot
Eyes scratchy and itchy
Something stuck in the back of throat that I want to get out
Foul, bitter, greasy taste
Gritty feeling at back of the tongue
Nose itching, especially on ends of nostrils
Tight feeling down side of the neck
Tingling inside armpit
Burping upwards with mild nauseaous
Empty feeling in the stomachEyes scratchy and itchySmell like weak camphor
Nose clogged up with dust
Something stuck in the chest, hard to breathe, heavy through chest
Pain in the right kidney, radiating
Pain in sternum extending through to the back
Pain in left hip like sciatica, worse kneeling and standing
Numbness down back of the leg to ankle, pins and needles
Pain in the tailbone

Sadness – sighing, hanging face in hands – about lost potential. Sadness comes from our nanny Ma, who bought her children back here thinking it was a better life but she brought them to a poisonous place.
Heavy weight out her shoulders.
Another prover – felt really light, distant, sitting on top of herself
Numb feeling in the left ovary, stabbing, someone pushing on this area ( The women in this prover’s family had repeated miscarriages)

More information to come.