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Placenta Hip

Placenta Hip
This trituration, completed by mother and daughter (age 3 years), explores the possibility that a placenta may carry information of the genetic disease state of the family and in homeopathic potency, may help families resolve long-standing physical and emotional situations. The mother and child both have congential hip dysplasia. Arthritis, tuberculosis, asthma and ear infections were prominent in the extended family and family history.

Seven steps of trituration were completed under the supervision of homeopath Angela Hair.

Themes of Placenta Hip are as follows:

  • Very strong connection between mother and child including demand for breastfeeding beyond babyhood
  • Difficulty in forming boundaries that both mother and child are happy with
  • Child often reverts to baby-talk and childish behaviour to get attention
  • Difficulty to reestablish the martial relationship after baby is born
  • Feeling cut off from family, community, partner
  • Desires to have more babies, dreams of babies and mothering
  • Separation at birth and difficult breast feeding
  • Child is in a world of her own and difficult to establish contact without touch, desires to withdrawal, not talk
  • Feeling attacked for holding own opinions, strongly opposed in beliefs, obstinate
  • Powerless, losing control, not respected
  • Temper tandrums every 3 months, not co-operative, really wound up and aggressive
  • Non-alignment of hip, knee and ankle especially on the left side (aligned when triturating at the C4 level)
  • Feeling as if ‘can’t move’, lead-heaviness and opposite state of walking on tip toes
  • Clumsy and awkward
  • Forgetful and late to appointments
  • Pressure on head, light-headness
  • Ear pain, first left then right, with hot face and feverishness. Whooshing in ears and pressure in both ears
  • Heavy chest, asthma, ribcage tight, difficult to breath, coughing fits
  • Queasy feeling with vomiting in the late afternoon
  • Desire sweets and milk
  • Desires to be completely immersed in water
  • Blood filled cyst on left labia
  • Exhausted to the bone and heaviness in limbs like lead

I awoke with the feeling I was in utero, in a very fluid environment which was dark and warm. I started on a journey through the birth canal and could feel the pulsation of the contractions and was born easily. Everything felt very watery. That same day the mother had a conversation with daughter about her birth experience. The child said it was dark inside and took a long time to be born. It wasn’t sore, nothing hurt. She didn’t want to be born and wanted to stay inside. (Child was two weeks overdue). Then she struggled to get to the breast (pointing to the left breast). She wants to go back inside when she is bigger.

Mother asked if there was room inside before she was born and she responded that there was lots of room and she began to move from side to side.