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Badly infected thumb

Helping dad with the dInfected Thumbocking is great fun for a 5 year old unless you are susceptible to Stapholococcus and Streptolococcus infections and have cracks in your skin from sucking your thumb. I got a call on Saturday afternoon from H’s very concerned mum as his thumb became swollen and nasty looking.

Using the Kinesthetic Resonance Method we were able to establish that a homeopathic medicine made from these bacterias and given in a high potency was needed. He took three doses over 24 hours.

His mum writes:

“H’s had a remarkable response! By Sunday morning, the pus had all cleared up and midday Sunday the blood blister had burst on its own and drained so it’s looking amazingly better! The swelling also went down on Sunday too. I just can’t believe how quickly it’s come right! He said “it’s great” when I asked him how it was this morning.

A few days later a lovely card arrives from his mother:

“We just wanted to write you a wee note to say how much we appreciated your help last weekend… We so admire the genuine care you have for your patients – it is such a credit to you. Thank you for your kindness and support.”