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Placenta Nexus

Placenta Nexus
This homeopathic medicine is made from tissue from the placenta, umbilical cord and amniotic fluid of a female baby. It was named Nexus to represent the connection of these three tissues. A trituration protocol was followed for up to 7 hours. During each step of the trituration, C1-C7, the people making the homeopathic medicine experience physical, emotional and dream symptoms which are carefully recorded.

The themes of Placenta Nexus are as follows:

  • The desire to deeply connect with another person e.g. a baby wanting her mother to be constantly cuddling and touching her
  • Understanding the importance of our ancestoral roots that connect us to the past and support us into the future
  • Feeling like a baby, wanting to suck your thumb, vulnerable, looking for company
  • Connecting with strangers through the internet but not knowing your own family or neighbours
  • Trauma from miscarriages, stillborn births and difficult birth
  • Fear of the dark or spiders, or being alone
  • Feeling of fullness like being pregnant or feeling ’empty’ as if can’t get enough
  • Wanting to be clean and cleansed like under a natural waterfall
  • Wanting to be connected to nature through fires, animals and plants
  • Confusion about what you should be doing on earth
  • Weakness through the spine so it is hard to sit upright
  • Pressure in the head with sensitivity to light and sounds
  • Sharp pains through the ears and ‘pinprick’ pain through the face
  • Cramping pains in the breast and abdomen

Dream – I woke in the night and recalled baby’s dream – she was struggling to breathe and I covered her with water and she became calm and relaxed again, so I guided her to the surface and she took her first breath. This time the lungs were ready to open and she cried out in delight as she emerged through the light-filling lining of the water onto the earth. She reached out to take our hand and was born again. (C6)